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One of the most sought after speakers in the world of financial services.


Dr. Rick Jensen is one of the most sought after speakers in the world of financial services. His years of experience coaching top producers and managers in financial services combined with his unique connections with the world’s best athletes is a winning combination. Whether kicking off a conference for hundreds of advisors or delivering a customized training to a few dozen managers, Dr. Jensen provides insightful lessons and actionable takeaways designed to drive results.
“Dr. Rick Jensen is the best speaker in the financial services industry. His ability to interweave the best practices of top producers with those of world-class athletes while delivering a message that accomplishes exactly what the meeting planner ordered is unparalleled!”
Dr. Jensen understands what it takes to perform at a world-class level. Sharing his first-hand experiences with champions in the worlds of sports and business, Dr. Jensen delivers a message that is compelling, entertaining, actionable, and customized to the theme and needs of YOUR meeting. In advance of your meeting, Dr. Jensen will collaborate with management, meeting planners, and conference leaders to ensure that his message accomplishes exactly what YOU want it to accomplish.

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