Running Your Business Instead of It Running You

Management Strategies Designed to Maximize Effectiveness and Efficiency

Running Your Business Instead of It Running You: Management Strategies Designed to Maximize Effectiveness and Efficiency

Target Audience

Financial advisors striving to gain control of their business, time & life.

Program Deliverables

Provide advisors with practical business and time management strategies that will help them become more productive and efficient.
This program provides advisors with the knowledge and strategies needed to maximize their organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Reviewing the best practices of elite performers in the worlds of business and sports, Dr. Rick Jensen provides advisors with what it takes to get the most from their time, energy, and resources.

Dr. Jensen reveals the specific, field-tested management systems that champions use to manage people, time, and tasks. Practical tools and best practices are reviewed to ensure that participants are able to “walk-the-talk.”

The program will address:

Learning to effectively juggle multiple roles & responsibilities
The 6 essential champion management systems
Time management strategies for maximizing efficiency
Spending time doing the right tasks with the right people

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