Drive to the Top!

Business Lessons Learned from Sports Greatest Champions

Drive to the Top! Business Lessons Learned from Sports Greatest Champions

Target Audience

Financial advisors striving to overcome complacency, grow their practices, and take their production to the next level.

Program Deliverables

Demonstrate how top performers in financial services and sport identify, prioritize and act upon market and business opportunities.
Provide specific examples of how multi-million dollar producers establish and execute on their business plans.
Are you interested in learning what it takes to become best in the world at what you do? Top performers, in sports and financial services, design and execute plans that focus upon the greatest opportunities in their business. As a result, these champions generate greater business growth with less effort.

Through the lens of professional sports, Dr. Jensen outlines the five performance principles that top advisors and athletes use to take performance to a world-class level. Dr. Jensen will teach you how to utilize these same principles to take your practice to even greater heights.

The presentation addresses:

Overcoming complacency – breaking through your performance plateaus
Understanding the critical drivers of revenue and new asset growth
Identifying and prioritizing your business opportunities
Taking action: Turning best practices into repeatable business systems

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