Advice Matters

It’s Not Just What You Say, but How You Say It

Advice Matters: It’s Not Just What You Say, but How You Say It

Target Audience

Financial advisors striving to shift their practices from transactional to advisory.

Program Deliverables

Provide advisors with the essentials to building long-standing, trusted advisory relationships with clients.
Teaches advisors how to demonstrate the value of their advisory fee, provide more than “commoditize-able content”, and master the “process” of advice-giving.
The growth of low-cost brokerage services and robo-advisors has led clients to ask “What added value do I receive for the fee that I pay to my advisor?” Providing clients with access to investment products, software-generated financial plans, and recommended asset allocations are not enough. Such commoditized advice must be complemented by a valued advisory process that delivers much more. The interpersonal and customized benefits of advice-giving can be achieved only through human interaction – via the advisor-client relationship.

For the foreseeable future, the process of advice-giving will be the differentiator. HOW advice is delivered to and perceived by clients will be what distinguishes advisors from the competition.

Drawing upon his expertise as a licensed psychologist and his extensive experience advising world-class performers, Dr. Jensen shows you how to:

Master the stages of advice-giving
Seek and reflect understanding
Build essential interpersonal skills
Develop long-term, trusting relationships
Motivate clients to take action

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