Dr. Jensen’s

Financial Professional Training

Most requested training programs and presentations for advisors.

Financial Professional Training

Drawing upon his extensive experience with leading firms in the financial services industry, Dr. Jensen provides financial advisors with the training needed to grow their assets, attract new clients, and be more productive. Below are a list of Dr. Jensen’s most requested training programs and presentations for advisors.

Drive to the Top! Business Lessons Learned from Sports Greatest Champions

Demonstrates how top performers identify, prioritize and act upon market and business opportunities. Provides specific examples of how elite performers, in sport and business, establish and execute on their business plans.

Disciplines of Growth: How Top Producers Consistently Acquire New Clients and New Assets

Provides financial advisors with the knowledge, tools, and strategies required to exponentially grow their business. Helps advisors shift from a start-up survival mindset (pursuing any prospect with a pulse) to a disciplined approach to growth that attracts and lands targeted, profitable prospects.

Advice Matters: It’s Not Just What You Say, But How You Say It

Provides financial advisors with the essentials to building long-standing, trusted advisory relationships with clients. Teaches advisors how to demonstrate the value of their advisory fee, provide more than “commoditize-able content”, and master the “process” of advice-giving.

Using Golf to Drive New Business

Trains financial advisors how to use golf as a platform through which they can entertain existing clients and acquire prospects who have a passion for golf. Demonstrates how advisors can use golf analogies and golf experiences to effectively communicate their value proposition.

Motivating Clients to Take Action: Helping Clients Overcome their Financial Fears

Provides advisors with the knowledge needed to understand and interpret clients’ resistance to advice and action. Provides sample scripts of how advisors can motivate clients to move beyond their fears and begin taking action.

Running Your Business Instead of It Running You: Management Strategies Designed to Maximize Effectiveness and Efficiency

Provides advisors with practical business and time management strategies that will help them become more productive and efficient.