Dr. Rick Jensen’s

Brand Ambassador Program

Positioning & Presenting Your Unique Value Proposition

Dr. Rick Jensen’s Brand Ambassador Program

Are you looking for a unique and effective way to drive sales, get in front of new producers, deepen relationships with your top advisors, and deliver added-value to your key centers of influence? If so, partner with Dr. Rick Jensen to design and execute a business development strategy that differentiates you from the competition.

As your brand ambassador, Dr. Jensen can be your go-to expert for:

National Sales Meeting Keynotes
Complex and Branch Presentations
Top Producer Best Practices Workshops
Team Coaching Sessions
Management/Leadership Development & Training
For such engagements, strategic partners often sponsor outside speakers who deliver presentations with little consideration for 1) how they represent the sponsoring firm or 2) how they will drive subsequent sales. Dr. Jensen will go above and beyond to ensure that he represents YOU, your brand, and your value proposition – leaving audiences yearning to partner with YOU, not with Dr. Jensen! He will work with you in advance of each engagement to customize his message, design follow-up sales opportunities, and most importantly, move the audience to embrace and act upon your partnership.
Stop hiring uninspiring “value-add” presenters who simply deliver a pre-canned speech, position their own brand and services, and leave your audience forgetting that you were the sponsor.
Align your company, your brand, and your sales team with the reputation and expertise of Dr. Rick Jensen – a renowned performance coach and author, who like you . . .
is committed to excellence and maximizing performance
works with the best in the business
fosters long-term partnerships that drive results
has extensive knowledge and experience in the financial services industry
“Dr. Rick Jensen is the best brand ambassador in the financial services industry. He is a master at positioning your firm’s value proposition and creating sales opportunities for your key account reps and sales team.”

Why retain Dr. Rick Jensen as your brand ambassador?

Dr. Rick Jensen is one-of-a-kind. Beyond coaching the best-of-the-best in the world of sports, he also has an exceptional understanding of the world of financial services. For over 15 years, he has served as a brand ambassador for top asset management firms, insurance companies, and record keepers. He readily collaborates with his clients to provide impactful presentations, firm branded deliverables, and targeted sales initiatives. Dr. Jensen’s unique ability to align and partner with key account reps, marketing professionals and sales teams to design and deliver high impact programs is unparalleled.

Dr. Jensen has coached hundreds of top producers at firms including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Wells Fargo Advisors, LPL, and Raymond James. His expertise spans the practice management arena encompassing the areas of: business growth, business management, strategic planning, book segmentation, and team management. Drawing upon his extensive field experience, Dr. Jensen provides advisors with the actionable best practices utilized by the top advisors in the country.

Don’t waste valuable marketing resources on speakers who only provide your firm with a mention on the program agenda and a 5-minute pre-speech introduction.

Dr. Jensen’s 4-Step Process for Maximizing Conference and Meeting Opportunities:

Step 1: Branding and Sales Strategy

In advance of each engagement, Dr. Jensen strategizes with your leadership team, meeting planners, key account reps, and/or sales professionals to clarify:
Your firm’s brand, products, services, value-proposition, and sales opportunities
Your target audience and their needs
How Dr. Jensen will link his presentations and deliverables to your follow-up sales process
A follow-up action plan for generating sales

Step 2: Program Development

With your input, Dr. Jensen customizes his presentations, deliverables, and call-to-action to address your meeting objectives and the specific needs of your audience and centers of influence.

​Step 3: Program Delivery

For each engagement, Dr. Jensen arrives early, coordinates with your on-site team, and delivers beyond expectations.

Step 4: Driving Sales

Where other “speakers” view the finish line as the moment they walk off stage, Dr. Jensen provides follow-up support to your sales team to ensure a return on your investment – via INCREASED SALES!

Ready to get started?

Contact Dr. Rick Jensen today and turn your conference and meeting opportunities into purposeful branding and sales initiatives.