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As you looking for a dynamic webinar that:

Helps advisors drive business growth?
Facilitates advisors transition to advisory services?
Motivates advisors to take their business to the next level?
Engages and entertains clients and prospects?
Nurtures relationships with client advocates & centers of influence?
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Dr. Rick will customize and deliver webinars that address your greatest needs and interests. Whether you are providing professional development for advisors or engaging clients and prospects, Dr. Rick has a program for you. Below are sample webinars delivered by Dr. Rick.

Webinars for Financial Advisors

Drive to the Top of Financial Services

Through the lens of professional golf, learn 5 essential business lessons for taking your practice to the next level.

Become a Master of Business Growth

​Learn proven, advisor-tested strategies for acquiring new clients and assets

Develop Advocacy Networks that Generate Referrals

Create your referral generation strategy by going beyond buying burgers and asking for referrals.

Transition to Advisory

Believe in, position, and communicate the value of your advice

Excel in “Major” Events: Sustain Peak Performance in the Biggest Moments

Apply proven strategies for managing the disruption and demands of uncertain times.

It’s All About Trust and Opportunity: How to Motivate Clients to Act

Learn the interpersonal skills and behavioral strategies needed to build trusted relationships and move clients from fear to action.

Webinars for Clients

Mindset of a Champion: Timeless Life Lessons Learned from Sports Greatest Champions

Learn and apply the principles used by world-class athletes to take your performance, in business and life, to the next level.

​Build Your Personal Resilience: Managing Stress in Times of Uncertainty

Understand your personal reactions to uncertainty and build resilience strategiest best-fit for you.

​Lessons from the Pros: Tour-Tested Secrets to Improving Your Golf Game

Execute the same training strategies used by top touring pros to improve your game and break through your scoring barrier.

​Take Your Golf Game from the Range to the Golf Course . . . Where it Counts!

Learn the playing and mental strategies used by world-class golfers to successfully play to their potential on the golf course.

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